• duke vin and the birth of ska

    Duke Vin and Count Suckle arrived in the UK in 1954 and Duke Vin would soon set up the first sound system in the UK.
    They brought with them a sound that was sweeping across Jamaica and would later change the face of music in the UK.
    This was the sound of Ska!

    Producer/Director: Gus Berger Prod Co. Gusto Films & Hackney Film Collective

    St Kilda Film Festival 2009 (nominated) Best Documentary
    Portobello Film Festival (UK) 2009  Audience Award
    Yard! Dub and Reggae on Film Festival, ACMI Melbourne, 2010
    Maysles Cinema, Harlem, NYC, June 5th & September 10th 2011
    Peckham Plex Cinema, London SE15 October 27th 2011
    Duke Vin Memorial Screening Portobello Film Festival Christmas Party
    December 16th 2012.

    Limited editions of this film are available on DVD. Copies are UKP 15 or 20 Euros and this includes postage. Click here to request a copy.

    RIP DUKE VIN 1928-2012

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